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Made from water from the French Alps.
Over 96 exquisite flavours to chose from.

Agave Irish Cream Salted Caramel Pet
Almond Kiwi Spicy
Amaretto Lavender Strawberry
Anise Lemon Strawberry(#129 colour free)
Blackberry Lemongrass Sugar
Blackcurrant Lemon Pie Tangerine Pet
Blood Orange Lime Tiramisu
Blueberry Liquorice Toasted Marshmallow
Blue Curacao Lychee Toffee Crunch
Bubble Gum Macadamia Triple Sec
Butterscotch Mango Vanilla
Caramel Maple Violet
Caramalised Peanut (soon) Margarita Watermelon
Cherry Melon White Chocolate
Chestnut Mojito Yellow Banana
Cherry Blossom Orange TEA FLAVOURS
Chocolate Passionfruit Tea Natural
Cinnamon Peach Lemon
Coconut Pear Peach
Coffee Peppermint Green
Cranberry Pina Colada Chai Pet
Cucumber (soon) Pineapple Raspberry Pet
Elderflower Pink Grapefruit Mango Pet
Eggnog Pistachio SUGAR FREE
French Vanilla Pet Pomegranate Almond
Ginger Pumkin Spice Caramel Pet
Gingerbread Raspberry Chocolate
Grapefruit Raspberry(#129 colour free) Hazelnut Pet
Green Apple Red Passionfruit Pet Irish Cream
Green Mint Roasted Hazelnut Raspberry
Green Banana Rose Vanilla Pet
Grenadine (Mixed Berries) Rum